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The Viet Thang’s warehouse system is designed for storage of high-tech medical equipment and consumable products. The warehouse is fully equipped with modern equipment up to the prescribed standards with clear and strict management of warehousing, exiting, and handling of products.

- Location: Building B2, Project No. 45 Nguyen Son, Ngoc Lam Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi City
The warehouse is less than 30 minutes from Noi Bai international airport which is to facilitate the transportation as well as ensuring quality of the products during transit process.  

- Usable area: 4 floors × 88,28m2
- Design structure: the 1st floor includes areas for inbound processing, outbound processing, quarantine and areas for warehouse staff. 

Inbound Processing area

Outbound Processing area

Staff area

Quarantine area 

The remaining floors are used for storing and classifying products, including storage areas for conforming, short-term and returned products.

Warehouse No. 1

Conforming Products

Short- term Products

Returned Products

Warehouse No. 2

 Conforming Products

Short- term Products  & Returned Products Area 




- Equipment:
+ The shelf system is firmly installed. Each shelf consists of 6 floors, withstand loads over 2000kg /1shelf
+ Air conditioning and dehumidifier system are fully equipped to ensure that the temperature and humidity are always stable and uniform.
+ The cold storage system is equipped with an Ecapro sofware which aims to to monitor and record the temperature automatically and warn when the temperature exceeds the allowable threshold. The temperature is always kept stable below 25oC

- Fire prevention and fighting work
+ Fire protection system is set up to meet the standards: There is a fire detector system evenly distributed in warehouses, each warehouse is equipped with 3 fire extinguishers with full warning system, water pipes ready to handle reason when something goes wrong.
+ The warehouse management staff are periodically trained on fire prevention and fighting.

- Cleaning and controlling insect pests
+ The warehouse is cleaned and recored every day
+ The controlling of harmful insects is carried out in accordance with the State regulations. The chemicals and preparations used are certified by the Department of Health Environment Management under the Ministry of Health.

- Product handling process
+ The handling of imported, exported, short-term, returned and non-conforming products are all performed in separate areas and labeled specifically.

+ The process of handling expired and non-conforming products is in accordance with regulations. For expired products that need to be destroyed, Viet Thang hired a company certified by the State's environmental sanitation standards to handle it. For non-conforming products from the manufacturer, we return them in accordance with the prescribed standards of the manufacturer

+ Using specialized medical management software for warehouse management.